Programme 2022 


6th January
      Annual General Meeting
      Entries for the ‘Open‘ Competition
13th January
      Introduction to Group Meetings
15th January
      Cambridge Online Digital Competition
20th January
      Results of the ‘Open’ Competition
3rd February
      ‘Tools Not Rules’
      Presentation by Caroline Preece
      Entries for ‘Food Abstract’ competition
10th February - Group Meeting
17th February
      Results of ‘Food Abstract’ competition
24th February  - Group Meeting
3rd March
      Print Competition with Harwich CC
      Entries for ‘It’s A Close Up World’ competition
10th March - Group Meeting
17th March
      Results of ‘It’s A Close Up World’ competition
24th March

       Awards Presentation
31st March - Group Meeting
7th April
      Show and Tell from Groups
14th April - Group Meeting
21st April
      A45 competition at Bury St Edmunds
5th May
      Lebanon; A Paradise Lost
      Presentation by James Kerwin
      Entries for ‘All In A Day’s Walk’ competition
12th May - Group Meeting
19th May
      Results of the ‘All In A Day’s Walk‘ competition
26th May - Group Meeting
2nd June
      Inter club competition with Clacton CC
      Entries for the ‘Weather’ competition
9th June - Group Meeting
16th June
      Results of the ‘Weather’ competition
10th - 13th August
      Expo at Trinity Methodist Hall