Programme 2022 


10th - 13th August
    Expo at Trinity Methodist Hall
1st September
    Presentation by Roy Essery
    Entries for the ‘Open‘ Competition
8th September
    Group Meetings.
15th September
    Results of the ‘Open’ Competition.
22nd September
    Group Meetings.
29th September
    Audio-Visual Competition v Clacton Camera Club
6th October
    Show and Tell - Images from the Groups
    Entries for ‘In The Garden’ competition
13th October
    Group Meetings.
20th October
    Results of the ‘In The Garden’ Competition.
27th October
    Group Meetings.
3rd November
    ‘A Shot In The Dark’
    Presentation by Mike Kwasniak
    Entries for ‘Seeing the Light’ competition
10th November
    Group Meetings.
15th November (Tuesday)
    3 Way Battle with Woodbridge CC and
    Framlingham CC to be held at Woodbridge
17th November
    Results of the ‘Seeing the Light’ Competition.
24th November
    Group Meetings
    Entries for the Annual Competition
1st December
    Group Meetings
8th December
    Results of the Annual Competition Part 1
15th December
    Results of the Annual Competition Part 2
5th January 2023
    Annual General Meeting
    Entries for the ‘Open’ Competition