Programme 2021 


Due to the current restrictions all meetings will be online via Zoom until  we are able to resume holding meetings at Broadway House.


7th January

     Annual General Meeting

     Entries for the ‘Wheels ‘ Competition

21st January

     Results of the ‘Wheels’ Competition

4th February

     Street Photography

     Entries for ‘Capture the Moment’ competition

18th February

     Results of ‘Capture the Moment’ competition

4th March

     ‘Woodland Ways’

     Presentation by Paul Mitchell

     Entries for the ‘Expression’ competition

18th March

     Results of the ‘Expression’ competition

1st April

     Club Activity

15th April

     A45 competition at Bury St Edmunds

16th April

     Inter club competition with Clacton CC

29th April

     Club Activity

6th May

     ‘The Opportunistic Photographer’

     Presentation by Colin Walls

     Entries for the ‘On The Street’ competition

20th May

     Results of the ‘On The Street ‘ competition

3rd June

     Club Activity

     Entries for the ‘Open’ competition

17th June

     Results of the ‘Open’ competition