Programme 2020 


For a printable version of the 2020 programme <Click Here>


2nd January  
    Annual General Meeting
    Entries  for the ‘Open‘ competition
9th January 
   Stories from Old Suffolk, 1715 - 1900
   Presentation by Pip Wright
16th January 
   Part 1 of the results of the‘Open’
18th January (Saturday) 
   Cambridge Digital Competition
23rd January   
   Part 2 of the results of the‘Open’
25th January (Saturday) 
   Annual Dinner & Awards, Brook Hotel
30th January

   Tuition Evening
   Entries for ‘An Old Friend’ competition
6th February 

   Practical Evening
13th February  
   Results of ‘An Old Friend’ competition
20th February  
   Me and My Kit Bag
27th February
    Members’ Night 
5th March   
    Presentation by Tony Bramley
12th March  
    Tuition Evening
    Entries for ‘Anything Goes’ competition
19th March 

    Practical Evening
26th March 
    Results of ‘Anything Goes’ competition
27th March (Friday) 
    Suffolk Rose Bowl
2nd April  
    Members’ Print Appraisal Evening
    and Expo 2020 information
3rd April  (Friday)
     Print Battle to be held at Clacton CC
9th April  
    Members’ Evening
16th April  
    Harwich  & Dovercourt CC Print battle
23rd April  
    A45 competition held at
           Bury St. Edmunds.
30th April
    Monochrome Night
    Entries for ‘Capture the Moment’
7th May    
    EAF Portfolio
14th May   
    Results of ‘Capture the Moment’

21st May  
    4 Seasons in 4 Projected Images
28th May 
     Tuition Evening with a Photo Ramble 
4th June
    Police Forensic Photography
    Presentation by Matthew Mallet
    Entries  for ‘People‘ competition
11th June  
     Photo Shoot at the Hut
18th June  
     Results of the‘People’ competition
12 - 15th August
     Expo 2020 at Trinity Methodist Church 
3rd September  
     ‘David and Joan do Venice’
     Presentation by David and Joan Jordan
     Entries for the ‘Open’ competition
10th September
     Part 1 of the results of the‘Open’
17th September   
     Part 2 of the results of the ‘Open’                Competition
24th September 
     ‘Top of the World’
     Presentation by David Steel 
     Entries for the Digital AV Competition
1st October  
     Digital Audio-Visual Competition.
8th October  
     Tuition Evening
     Entries for ‘In the Wild’ competition
15th October 

     Practical Evening 
22nd October  
     Results of ‘In the Wild’ competition
29th October  
     Video of Photographer - Cecil Beaton
5th November  
      ‘Photographing East Anglia’
      Presentation by Justin Minns
     Entries for ‘Wheels’ competition
12th November
     Members’ Walkabout/Landscape
     and Practical Evening Images
19th November  
     Results of ‘Wheels’ competition
26th November 
      Tuition Evening 
      Entries for the Annual Competitions
3rd December  

      Practical Evening 
10th December  
      Annual Competitions Part 1
17th December 
      Annual Competitions  Part 2
7th January 2021 
      Annual General Meeting
     Entries  for the ‘Open‘ competition