Meetings are held at:-


  Broadway House,
  Orwell Road,
  IP11 7DD


  Meetings Start at 7:00pm


Autumn Leaves


The    society    has been    established    since 1948   for   the   advancement   of   Photography as   an   Art   and   a   Science   through   the   mutual assistance    and    friendly    criticism    between its members. The  society   welcomes   anyone   who   has   an interest   in   photography,   where   we   provide   a friendly   atmosphere combining  monthly   and annual    competitions    with    guest    speakers, members’ workshops and demonstrations. Please   take   a   moment   to   browse   our   pages and   if   you   would like   to   come   along   to   any   of our meetings, you will be most welcome. Guests    are    welcome    to    visit    us,    free    of charge,   for   a   maximum   of   two   visits.  Please introduce   yourself   to   a   Committee Member and   sign   our   visitors  book.     

If   you   would   like to   join   the   society   our   annual   membership rate for individuals is £25.  

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